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Friends Cut

The friends cut is complete for now. There's a couple people I'm still not sure of but we'll see. This was the largest cut I've made.

If you were cut its because;

- Inactivity, never update

- Don't open up, barely or if ever. I will be getting more personal soon and it's not fair for me to pour my heart out and not know basic things about you.

- No connection what so ever. Either in commenting or speaking on Facebook to just general clicking.

I wish you all the best, no hard feelings. Please remove me in return. Anyone who doesn't will be banned in a week to make the lists even.

stock- giraffe


Just a head's up that I just did a friend's cut.
There's quite a few people either I've added recently or been friend's with for a long time on here that were removed.

I removed 12 people, If you were removed it's because of one (or more) of the following;
- We never communicate
- You never update
- We didn't click well

If you see that you've been removed please remove me in return.
If you don't I'll ban just to have my list's even (that's the only reason why, OCD!)

If you're cut, please don't take it personally..we just didn't click/communicate much & I wish you the best!
I'd still love to be Facebook Friends & talk in other communities, Instagram, etc :)